All I want for Christmas is to sign in with Apple

TL;DR: Apple please don't make me pay 100€ per year to implement Sign in with Apple on my website. Please make it free and encourage as many people as possible to use it outside the AppleOS environments. I want to implement this as a developer and I want to use the feature as a user.

Easily testing some seemingly hard to test code

Working on the "find the middle point of a polyline" task, I hit a wall in terms of unit testing my code. This wasn't like most of my other tasks - I just couldn't properly visualize the GivenWhenThen of it. How am I supposed to accurately unit test this thing out then?

Problem solving exercise: find the middle/centroid of a polyline

Recently, I got a task to add some direction arrows on a set of polylines that were drawn on a map. After quickly testing some code, I found that the most esthetically pleasant option would be to place this arrow in the middle of the polyline.

Growing up in post-communist Romania - thoughts on learning English

“Where did you learn to speak English so well?” my boss asked me one afternoon, as we were searching for a bike part he just lost in front of our office building. “By watching TV”. He laughed, I laughed. “No really”, I continued though, “I used to watch cartoons for 4-6 hours every day when we first got cable and the cartoons were always in English”. Of course, I studied English in school. Twice a week, for 11 years, but the answer to the question of where I learned it “so well” will always be “on Cartoon Network”.

Simple Undo/Redo system in Javascript based on the Memento pattern

There comes a time in every developer's life when they have to implement a undo/redo functionality.

The ".ro" Gold Rush

In a gold rush, you can mine for gold or you can sell pickaxes

A tale of two markers

That should have pointed to each other. But didn't.

viorel {dot} me

Born and raised in Romania, I grew up wanting to be a journalist. I somehow ended up studying PR and Communication, which was great because it made me realize that what I _really_ wanted to do is write software.